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MP Cab is running its cab service since 2009. It is one of the most reputed cab services in Madhya Pradesh. All of the major cities like in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh; Indore, Pachmarhi, Chhindwara, Jabalpur, Ujjain they have spread their cab service. Cab service in a city plays a major role in the growth of the city. A city may have various industries, but if the connectivity is poor then employees don't get the proper chance to reach their destinations. MP Cabs is playing its role nicely to serve the citizens of Madhya Pradesh.


Khajuraho is a very popular city in MP. The city is famous for its architectural beauty. Tourists come to visit the city between September to March. Here, cab service is a very popular and convenient option for traveling. MP Cabs has introduced three main services for the tourists and the inhabitants of Khajuraho. The three main services are-

      Online Taxi or Cab Booking Service

      Travel Agency

      Local and Outstations Cabs


There are a number of cab services available in Khajuraho. Out of them, MP Cabs has its own specializations that make their services better than the other. Compared to other cab services, the transport fare of the MP Cab services are pretty reasonable. This cab service always wants to reach as many people as possible and serve their best service to grow its business no.1.


Above mentioned three services are very popular in Khajuraho. The talented and active team takes care of all the details of the different services. Let us discuss the services briefly.

Online Taxi or Cab Services

The online portal of MP Cabs is very helpful. People can get any kind of information regarding the tariff of the different trips and services, booking process, pre-booking duration, etc very easily. The registered users can easily get the notifications of their latest deals and offers. This site is active always, so any time people can contact the cab service to book their required cabs and enjoy the online taxi and cab services.


The booking process is very simple here. The passengers just need to fill their requirements like pickup date and timing, the number of passengers to pick. Along with this, they can choose the round trip or single trip option at the same time.

Travel Agency

Khajuraho is a very famous city of architecture. So many tourists come here to admire the beauty of the art. Several tour operators have a good connection with MP Cabs. MP Cab Service has launched its travel agency wing just to help people to travel around the city and enjoy the beauty of art. There are several travel packages available on the official website. So tourists can easily choose their traveling packages according to their budget.


Famous temples for tourists visit like Brahma Temple, Lakshmana Temple, Vishwanath Temple, Chaunsat Temple and many more. The MP Cabs travel agency covers all these famous tourist places in their travel package.

Local and Outstation Cabs

Mp Cabs has a good settlement of local and outstation cabs. The online portal helps a lot to carry forward the service. Most of the time, for tourists traveling, business trips and other personal and professional purposes, people use cab service for traveling a long and short distance by cabs. This is a time saving and fast option. 

The efficient drivers of MP Cabs take their passengers to their destination with passengers’ security along with their belongings. People can book their cabs for a round trip or single-way trip through the official website to travel in the city and the different outstations.

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